5 tips on how to gain 5 kg of quality muscle mass

For many beginner athletes mass gain due to muscle seems a big problem, but with proper training and balanced nutrition it is not difficult to implement.

The main task is weight gain due to muscle growth. To do this, follow our simple guidelines.

Moscow was not immediately built, and your body will not be perfect in just one day. To achieve any results, it is necessary to set a clear goal. First, let’s start with a set of 5 kg.

muscle massNo one can immediately and instantly develop a large musculature and gain a lot of weight, but to give your body the necessary tone, increase the strengths and reduce the fat layer to each person for a relatively short period of time.

Add 5 kg to your weight – a difficult task, but feasible and requires significant changes in training and nutrition.

The following tips will help you reach your goals.

1 / Modesty is the best way to success

Trying to do everything in the shortest time to increase muscle weight is not worth it. Muscle growth is a marathon – not a sprint. Anyone can add to his weight of 5 kg, but the approach to this should be selected individually.

For beginners, the set of the first 5 kg does not take much time. First, it is worth to complete a 5-week training course on how to train properly and how to eat. Secondly, after the training it is necessary to determine where you are now, and what you want in the future.

It is good to have big long-term goals for a start. I know exactly what I can do! I will increase the volume of my muscle mass by 5-10 kg next year.

But start from the launch pad. Do not jump into the pool with a head. Later, after you added five kilograms of muscle, add five more and so on …

2 / We monitor and improve performance

Tracking your success is important for short- and long-term results.

Too many people wandering around the gym looking at the beautiful shapes of other athletes do not have an actual training plan, a clear goal or a curriculum.

Obviously: If you do not track your success, then you will not progress.

Measure your body fat and total body weight before you start training, and again after you complete a 5-week training session. You can take a test to determine fat in the body or simply find out the dimensions yourself using the calipers for the skin.

You should record your results, thereby monitor the body size and training indicators, take pictures for more precise control.

In the end, you will know whether you are approaching your goal or standing still. If the latter, it is necessary to change cardinally the approach to business.

3 / Step by step, slowly

Start with the simple. A lot of techniques and exercises can be used to work out different muscle groups: squats, twists, standing and lying presses, pulls, lifts, push-ups and many others.

Do not do 27 sets per day with four sets for each exercise. This is not necessarily the very beginning of the journey. You will get tired of it very quickly and will not give a positive emotional charge for future achievements.

First of all, start with working on the largest muscles of your body – these are the biceps and quadriceps muscles of the hips, gluteal muscles, back and chest muscles.

During training, it will be easier and faster for you to increase your performance by performing basic exercises on the basic muscle groups.

Do not try to complicate everything, start with simple, work hard, eat right and the results will not keep you waiting. This is the best advice, both for beginners and experienced athletes.

4 / Nutrition regulations

Even to add 5 kg of muscle mass, you need to eat right!

Your diet should not be perfect, but pay attention to the following basic rules:

1. For the growth of mass, the balance of calories in the body should be positive.

If you want to gain weight of any kind – whether muscle or fat – you need to eat more! It’s a simple math that works for building a body, whether it’s set or burning.

2. Eat protein!

The new muscles will not grow without it. Good sources of high-grade proteins are fish, beef, chicken and any other animal’s meat. Milk, Greek yogurt and eggs will also not be superfluous in the diet.

Your minimum should be 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. For faster muscle growth, you can raise this amount to 3 or even 4 grams per kilogram.

5 / Basis – sports nutrition

You do not need a lot of sports supplements on the first day of the gym. In the beginning, make an emphasis on good nutrition, do not forget to recover after training, and try to work at one hundred percent. muscle mass

Protein powder is mandatory if you want to hit exactly at the goal that was mentioned earlier. Whey protein is best used immediately after training.

Multivitamins – Your insurance against vitamin deficiency.

Creatine will help preserve and build up new muscle tissue, and also increase strength.

The use of sports nutrition is necessary to properly build a cycle of your training and to achieve the best results in bodybuilding.