Arnold Schwarzenegger – the path of the champion

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a person well known in the world of show business. He is not only a famous actor and sportsman, he is also a politician.

Anthropometric data

He has a really high growth, which is 188 cm. Although these data in the press are constantly questioned. Some of the pictures on which Schwarzenegger is present distort the reality, and it seems that his growth hardly exceeds the figure of 170 cm. However, one should not believe gossip, he is really a tall man.

In different periods of his life, his weight indicators constantly ranged from 90 to 115 kg. It depended on the physical condition of the athlete. If he is in a state of rest from training and competition, then his weight can be 95 kg, but if this is the period of active training, then the weight can reach 110 kg. The average weight of the actor is 105 kg.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The size of his biceps is about 55 – 57 cm in average. However, there are also a lot of rumors around this indicator. There are individuals who understate this indicator and lower to a level of 48 cm.

The most remarkable part of the body is his chest, which is 140 cm in circumference.

As for the other indicators, his waist is 87 cm, the thigh is 72 cm, the shin is 50 cm.


Schwarzenegger is truly a talented sportsman. He performs the bench press in a prone position with a weight of up to 220kg.

At the very young age of 19, he was already able to perform a thrust of 330 kg. He continued this indicator further. He decided not to put weight records anymore. The main emphasis was given to consolidate their success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

As for exercises such as squats, Arnold developed his own technique and practiced only according to her. It consisted in the fact that during the execution he put something like a bar under his heels, while trying to squat as deeply as possible. On average, the squatting at 240 kg was about 8 squats.

System of training

He developed for himself a certain plan for training, which he daily adhered to. The system of his studies consisted in paying daily attention to a particular group of muscles. That is, he did not set the goal to share the burden on all groups at once, he spent his power on every muscle group every day.

The whole complex of exercises implies a division into two levels:

1 level – is characterized by the exercise of each part of the body twice a week;

Level 2 involves taking a certain muscle group three times a week.

1 level

Below is an example of the training process for the week, which is provided at the first level.

Monday is working with the muscles of the chest and back: pulling , bench press, press 5 to 25, deadlift.

Tuesday – work with the muscles of the shoulder girdle: – Bench press standing, bench press, french press, in sitting position and standing lifting on the biceps.

Wednesday – training aimed at strengthening the legs: squats and lunges with a barbell, lifts on the toes with a weighting on the waist, slopes of the body with the bar.

Thursday – continued work with the muscles of the chest and back.

Friday continues the work of the shoulder girdle.

Saturday continues to work with the muscles of the legs.

2 level

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – pull-ups, bench press, lunges and squats with a barbell, bending of the trunk, deadlift.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – bench press, French press, traction on straight legs, bending of hands with dumbbells, wrist bending, tilt with barbell.

All in detail: Arnold Schwarzenegger Training Program


Like any professional athlete, he needs a special food system. To achieve the planned result, it is not enough to perform exercises, according to the Schwarzenegger system, it is necessary to observe them in conjunction with a special diet. The main idea that is adhered to is the accumulation of dry mass, and for this, certain rules should be observed. The basic rule in consuming food is to get the maximum protein.

Below is an example nutrition plan at the first and second levels of the class.

First level

The first breakfast – eggs, poultry or fish and bread. You can drink all this with milk of low fat content;

The second breakfast – a hundred grams of fish, poultry, veal or beef, bread. Drink it all with the same low-fat milk or natural juice;

Lunch – veal meat, beef, poultry or fish, about 200 grams, potatoes and a salad of fresh vegetables. Wash it all with low-fat milk;

Snack – cheese, milk;

Supper is the same as dinner, only without potatoes;

The second dinner is an egg, broth, milk.

The power system at the second level

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Breakfast – three eggs, meat of beef, veal, poultry or fish. Milk, you can also make a sandwich with butter;

The second breakfast is meat of beef, veal or fish. You can make a couple of sandwiches with butter, milk;

Lunch – veal meat, beef, poultry or fish in the area of ​​200 grams, baked potatoes, salad of fresh vegetables and low-fat milk;

Snack – cheese and a glass of milk;

Dinner – all the same meat, potatoes with fresh vegetables. Wash it all with milk;

The second dinner is an egg and a broth. A glass of milk.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in life and sport

The future star of sports, television and politics was born on July 30, 1947 in Austria. About the family of Schwarzenegger it can be said that she was of moderate means, but extremely religious. Probably, that is why his relationship with his father did not develop, because of his passion for sports.

At the age of 14, the youth specifically saw himself in the field of bodybuilding and gradually went to the realization of his goal. He began to actively engage in a single gym, which could be poked in his village.


Strangely enough, but a good stage in its development was played by military service. After reaching the draft age, Arnold was accepted into the ranks of the Austrian army. Here were all the conditions for training the strength of the spirit and strengthening your body. Daily food, which excludes any surplus, also favorably contributed to the lifestyle of the young athlete.

While in the service, Arnold did not observe the regime established there. The rise was not like that of all soldiers, he got up long before the general awakening to train. The simulator was a self-made bar. His first achievement was recorded precisely during the service in the army. He took part in a sports contest, which he successfully won. However, this contest was not held in the walls of the barracks, he had to flee and thereby violate the order. The punishment that followed this trick did not upset him at all. After all, he realized that he was on the right path.

After the army, Schwarzenegger leaves his native Austria and moves to neighboring Germany, Munich. Here he begins a new and more intensified stage of his training, and gradually conquers more and more new trophies. In 1967, he already became a Mr. Universe. It was the conquest of this status that gave him the impetus to set out to conquer America. And he set out on his journey.


The first years, he did not all develop as well as in Europe. Taking part in the first two competitions, Schwarzenegger suffered an insulting defeat for himself. It can not be said that his rivals, who won over him, were not of a high level. On the contrary, the athletes to whom he challenged were much more experienced than him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

After a large number of years, a person known to the whole world, recalling the events of the past, claims that the main reason he lost then was in his head. After all, the person who wants to win, he must think exactly as a winner. If even at the initial stage there are any doubts as to whether to get involved in this competition, this is the first step to failure. After these unpleasant defeats, the athlete promised himself that he would never again doubt his strength. The fact that he still kept his word, and brought him the success that he can be proud of today. Once he lost the title of Mr. Olympia, later Arnold won seven times!


Having such a texture figure, Arnold began his career as a film actor. His first experience was the film “Iron Arnie”. On the set, he was able to impress everyone not only with his physical data, but also with incredible tenacity and character.

The peak of popularity came to the actor, when the shooting of the famous “Terminator” began. Schwarzenegger was perceived as a superhero, a hero of militants, and could not associate him with any other way. Changes in his profile occurred when he starred in the comedy “Twins” and appeared in front of the audience in a completely new way.


Arnold was able to achieve tremendous success not only in film and sports, he was elected twice the head of California. Perhaps Arnold could become president of the United States, but the fact that he originally from Austria did not allow him to nominate his candidacy. It is possible that the world would see a new president in the person of the unique Arnold Schwarzenegger.