These amino acids include: leucine, isoleucine, valine. Of these, intracellular protein structures of human muscles are composed by 35%. All three amino acids are irreplaceable in the process of protein synthesis, moreover leucine is the most important activator. Even if you bathe in your own testosterone, without leucine in the right amount still do not grow.

Synthesis of protein and activation of mTor. BCAA as anabolic:


«MTOR from the English. Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a protein that regulates cell growth and division, as well as the synthesis of a new protein. MTOR functions as an energy sensor that is activated when the ATP level is high and blocked at a low level of ATP. The most energy-consuming process in a cell is the synthesis of protein, so it needs large amounts of ATP, in addition, a building material – amino acids, that is, BCAA – need. Studies show that the intensity of anabolic processes is regulated by mTOR, which triggers protein synthesis with a sufficient amount of ATP and BCAA. Scientists have determined that leucine plays a key role in the activation of mTOR. ”

After this discovery, BSAA with changed proportions of amino acids began to appear on the market. The standard was 2 (leucine): 1: 1, appeared 4: 1: 1, 8: 1: 1 (Modern BCAA USPlabs) and even 16: 1: 1. Considering all of the above and the fact that the muscles are a third of the BSAA, we come to the conclusion that BSAA is the main anabolic and builder of muscle mass.

BCAA as fuel and as anti-catabolic:

BСAA actively spend as fuel during physical exertion. At a certain stage BSAA (especially leucine) comes to an end and the body includes a mechanism aimed at normalizing the amino acid composition in the blood, obviously due to the destruction of muscles. Therefore, there is a need to replenish, in order to avoid catabolism and restore the energy reserve (750 mg reduce cortisol by 40%)

In addition, leucine is a very powerful source of ATP. Oxidation of leucine in muscles gives more ATP molecules than the same amount of glucose. If we take into account that the oxidation of leucine and glucose proceeds along different routes, we immediately obtain 2 powerful sources of ATP.

BCAA as a fat burner:

Multiple research companies have approved BSAA as a good fat burner. In any case, BSAA and without it accompany any drying, in order to maintain the maximum amount of muscle mass when fat is remove.

Admission of BCAA stimulates the expression of leptin hormone genes in adipocytes (fat cells), along the mTOR mediated pathway. Leptin is a very complex hormone that regulates many metabolic processes, in particular body weight, appetite, as well as consumption and fat deposition.

The secretion of leptin is related to the amount of body fat, the higher the secretion of leptin. When you go through the fat burning cycle and follow a diet, the amount of leptin is reduced, which leads to increased appetite and the economization of metabolic processes, in order to restore or maintain energy reserves of fat. That is why, some athletes can significantly reduce the caloric content of the diet and increase the load. But the body weight will not change, as the body tries to maintain homeostasis. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to restrict the diet very much. That would move the homeostasis from the so-called control point.

Move the control point and increase the secretion of leptin with BCAA, namely leucine. BCAA as if deceive the body, forcing him to think that the body receives high-calorie food. BCAA can suppress appetite, increase calorie consumption by burning fat, increase metabolism. And most importantly protect muscles from destruction, while their caloric content is very low.

How to take these amino acids?

Undoubtedly such a good product would be nice all around the clock, but I will highlight four techniques. With the first point being the most important and so on, reducing the priority:

  1. The most important technique after training. It is obvious that it is at the end of the training that it is most important to kill cortisol. To restore energy reserves and to start muscle growth mTor.
  2. Before the training, the explanation is about the same as above. You need to stock up energy and detach the release of cortisol.
  3. Less important after sleep, there is only one reason, this is elevated cortisol. Dosage can be reduced to 4-8 g.
  4. Admission BSAA at night, will help produce a larger supply of amino acids in the muscles and again delay. Reduce the release of cortisol by morning.