Conditions for muscle growth

Whether you are a green novice or an Olympia champion, in bodybuilding you live by the same rules. They fixed the fundamental foundations of training, nutrition and restoration of forces, which predetermine the extreme growth of the musculature. They are suffering through decades of hard training practice, which absorbed both brilliant victories and crushing failures. Accurately follow the proven methodical principles, and you are guaranteed victory!


Regular stretching speeds up muscle growth. The science has found the clue more recently. It turns out that at the time of stretching the muscle cell draws a protein from the intercellular fluid, due to the vacuum effect. Yogis eat one rice, and therefore remain thin. High-protein diet will lead to the opposite result.

How to apply: At the end of the workout, stretch the working muscles intensively for 15-25 minutes.

Motivation for muscle growth

Under the influence of heavy training, the mental tone inevitably falls. Thinking becomes dull, rolls over sleepiness, memory worsens … Moreover, neither coffee nor special “energy” help.

Where does the desire to train come from? Scientists say that it is all the fault of the psychic monotony of strength exercises. Agree, the team battle on the football field is much more fun than the monotonous repetition of the same movements in a confined space. Nevertheless, there is a way out. Change your training programs more often!

How to apply: Train cyclically! Every 2-2.5 weeks radically change the nature of the training.

The base for muscle growth

Remember, you, the bodybuilder, have only three main exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift. They are followed by pull-ups, heavy traction for the muscles of the back and presses standing / sitting. All other exercises are optional. They, in practice, do not add muscle mass.

Conclusion? Return will give only the training program, which is built on the foundation of a limited number of basic movements. Failures in bodybuilding are always explained by only one reason: the amateur does not “those” exercises.

How to apply: Focus on squats, bench presses and stanovaya. Persistently increase working weight. All three exercises have a critical power threshold, behind which they begin to quickly build up the overall muscle mass of the body. For bench press – this is an indicator of 125-130 kg, in squats – 130-150 kg, for a bench press – 150-180 kg.

Muscle growth: intervals

If you need to lose weight, do not buy to talk about the usefulness of jogging. Long cardio sessions at a moderate pace cause the flow of blood to the legs and permanently leave the musculature of the upper half of the body without blood (and nutrients!). As a result, it begins to collapse. This explains the well-known “dryness” of the top of the body by the marathon runners.
To prevent this from happening to you, apply interval cardio. This is the name of a special kind of aerobics, when you alternate

fast running and restoring walking in a 1: 3 ratio. For example, you go all the way down the track of the stadium for exactly 20 seconds, then go for 1 minute, restoring your breath, then go back into the sprint …

Sprint running involves the whole musculature of the body, including the hands. It does not threaten the destruction of muscles, but burns far more calories. As shown by comparative experiments, “intervals” burn fat much faster than traditional aerobics.

How to use: After the strength training, spend an interval cardio for 15-20 minutes.

Muscle growth and balance

All the bodybuilder exercises fundamental exercises while standing. This means that its working weights are in direct proportion to the strength of the rack. What is important here? Low position of the center of gravity of the body! This means that you should have powerful pillar-like legs. While this is not, any exercise will be doubly hard for you.

In fact, because with lean legs your center of gravity is high and threatens the body with overturning. It is useful not only to fanatically shake your legs, but also to do special exercises that improve the ability to stand firmly on your legs: body turns, slant sideways, diagonal slopes, etc.

How to apply: If your legs lack muscle mass, for a year or a half shake your legs. Leave other tasks for the future. Simultaneously shake the muscular waist corset.

Why pull?

The more you train, the better? No, if you swing for a long time, then you apply relatively small burdens. Meanwhile, success in pumping muscle mass predetermines the value of your working weights. The more they are, the faster the muscles grow.

Training with critical weights is objectively short. So, in bodybuilding, the rule is short, but extremely intense training.

How to use: Do not exercise more than 30-45 minutes. Long training is akin to a marathon run and only destroy the muscles.

It’s simple!

High intensity has a simple secret: for an hour and a half before training, arrange a light meal, which includes both proteins and carbohydrates. Food will increase the level of sugar in the blood, on which depends the activity of the brain and, as a consequence, high mental tone. Right on the eve of training, take a little whey protein and a donator of nitric oxide. Donator will expand the vessels and, thereby, help the brain circulation. Despite the fatigue, thinking longer will remain alive and sharp.

How to apply: For an hour and a half before training, take a cup of home-made cottage cheese, eat a banana or a big apple. 30 minutes prior to training, drink a serum cocktail on the water (40 grams of whey) and take the nitric oxide donor according to the instructions.