How to pump up the legs?

Pump up the legs is the first thing you should do in the gym. If you are not too lazy and read an article on how to pump up muscles , then you should already know that the first thing to do is to pump large muscle groups. And the winner in this category is legs, yes, legs are the largest muscle group in the human body. Even not compare the back  with the legs. Moreover, apart from the general muscle mass, the legs are larger, all the other muscle groups, affect the strength indicators.

Theynot compare training legs into several stages: training the mass and strength, and training the shape of the legs. The first stage is squatting with the barbell , yes, just one single exercise that affects the weight and strength of the legs. It’s not that the other exercises do not allow you to pump up your legs, there are other important basic exercises for pumping this muscular group, but they all fade in the background of sit-ups with the barbell. But this exercise pumps both mass and strength.

For correcting lagging muscle groups, drawing muscle, etc. There are all other exercises. If you specialize in pumping the legs, then you can pump all the muscle qualities. To do this, you need to select one leg training. On the other hand, do not overdo it, otherwise instead of pumping your feet, you drive yourself into overtraining.

Pumping legs: mass and strength

Squats with a barbell, as already mentioned above, pumped both. There are several schemes of squats: in the range of up to 5 repetitions, in the range of 6 to 12 repetitions and 3 sets of 20 repetitions, the so-called super squats.

You can grow a lot of legs on any of these schemes. But the power indicators between themselves will differ. If your goal is maximum weight in one repetition, and not just pump up your legs, then, of course, you should do squats with a bar in the range of 5 repetitions. Super squats will help develop endurance and will promote the release of testosterone, which will give a wild anabolic leap in the training of other muscle groups. The range of 6 to 12 repetitions is a classic scheme, with which you can develop all the muscular quality of the legs.

Pump up the legs

When the athlete tries to pump his legs, crouching in the range of 5 repetitions, he uses the famous scheme 5 to 5. The scheme involves increasing the weight on the rod in each working approach so that the penultimate approach can be performed for 4 repetitions and the last for 3, This every training weight on the projectile should grow at least 0.5kg.

Super sit-ups

Super sit-ups are an exercise for fans. The best way to pump your legs does not exist, but get ready for dizziness. The scheme is very simple, you warm up and do 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Rest between sets 2-3 minutes. The last approach you need to do is to finish, but the last 2 repetitions with the help of a partner. After that you collect your bag and go home, for today the training is over.

The range of 6 to 12 repetitions is a scheme that fits all, and with which you should begin training your legs. You need to pick up such a weight that in the first approach to do 10-12 repetitions, and in the last 6-8. This scheme, as well as Scheme 5 to 5, is quite suitable to include in the training formative exercises.

Pumping legs: relief

It is possible and necessary to pump up your legs with squats, but you should take into account that you will only pump the strongest muscles. In this case, we won’t use the hamstrings practically. If you have weak genetically gastrocnemius muscles, then you also do not pump them. You will be able to build up a lot of muscles of the quadriceps, the shape of which also has to be adjusted by the forming exercises.

In this case, we are not talking about isolation exercises, although you can apply them too. But the base is the base, so if you want to build up a lot, then swing your legs with basic exercises. This is the muscle group that does not make sense to pump isolated.  Legs is the largest and strongest muscle group, so that other muscle groups can not absorb the load from it. You can only kick your legs with basic exercises.


But this does not mean that there is no sense at all from isolating exercises, it is not so. Isolating exercises in pumping the legs, too, are needed, but only to puff up those leg areas that are clearly behind. Everyone has their own sites, the backlog of which depends on genetics. Therefore, it is impossible to give general recommendations here, it is necessary to select a training program .

As for the tips that will suit everyone in order to pump up their feet, this advice will combine with squats, or separate into a separate training, the following exercises:  attacks with dumbbells or barbells , Romanian draft and exercise “donkey.” The attacks pump the quadriceps, so they must be done immediately after squats, to “finish off” the quadriceps. Then you need to do an exercise for bleeding the hamstrings, because the hamstrings are a big muscle, which requires energy to pump. And in the end to pump caviar, for what it is best to use the exercise “donkey”, tk. It pumps both bundles of calf muscles.

Summarizing, we can say that it is not difficult to pump up your legs! To increase the total muscle mass of the legs, it is necessary to do sit-ups with a barbell to give the legs an elegant form, it is necessary to do basic exercises that stress the load on different parts of the leg muscles. Well, in order to give the legs an ideal shape and sharpen them, like Michelangelo David, you need to include in the training program isolation exercises.