Sports nutrition and food supplements

How important are additives to fitness?

Does sports nutrition help you reach your goal faster? Learn about the benefits of nutritional supplements and their effect on muscle performance and muscle mass.

Many of those who prefer to maintain weight and health without using sports nutrition should note that the industrial revolution has led to a sedentary lifestyle and the use of refined foods / convenience foods. Which in turn is unfavorable Affects the optimization of weight.

The environment changes faster than we can adapt. The organisms of many of us accumulate excess energy (fat) with age, in order to use it in the event that we can not regularly find food or experience the need to use energy for physical activity, as it was more than a hundred years ago.

However, the fact is that due to technical improvements we spend most of the time sitting. And this is harmful to health. No matter how much they talk about the high costs of treating weightlifters who injur, requiring surgical intervention, in fact the greater part of the cost of treatment is associated with cardiovascular and oncological diseases. As well as with numerous complications resulting from obesity that Stand in the list immediately after the first two. But if technical improvements lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which negatively affects our health, why not respond to it also with the help of technology?

Sports nutrition

It’s not about dependence on pharmaceuticals to maintain your health. I’m talking about the ability of the food supplement industry to stimulate motivation, physical performance, recovery and regulation of calories. Take into account the scientific research on the effectiveness of the influence of food substitutes. And weight loss products on the composition of body tissues and markers of the level of physical fitness in older men and women. While the effectiveness of the dietary supplement was inadequate. It was found that this food substitute when used in conjunction with physical exercises has a positive effect on the level of physical condition and the reduction of fat tissues.

For every person who, in your opinion, is a specialist in food additives or practices a lifestyle of a bodybuilder. There are 10 people who either do not trust a sports drink or are afraid of it. Under fear for sports nutrition, I do not mean fear of such products in general. But the fact that there are many people who think that the simultaneous intake of various products will automatically lead to side effects or harm to health, and some even believe that the increase Muscle mass will exceed the desired level. 

Today it is obvious that the decision to compose your own course of food supplements alone can be unsuccessful. And almost always such a course includes stimulants or products on a caffeinated basis. Everyone has heard this before or asked the question “are these two pre-training supplements combined?” Or “can I take this pre-training supplement with this fat burner?”. Let’s make clear: no stimulant in the history of the sports nutrition industry was created to take it along with any other stimulating additive.

Nutritional supplements

Part of this misconception is the consequence of advertising. Unfortunately, to attract the attention of potential buyers. However, when advertising guarantees a set of muscle mass over a certain period of time or depicts a product so strong that it can harm health – that’s too much.

For those who do not believe in the effectiveness of sports nutrition. It should be noted that the basic elements of many ingredients and analogues of amino acids in concentrated amounts containe in food. In addition to creatine and protein (especially amino acids with branched chains and other amino acids contained in the protein). There are very few additives that directly relate to muscle growth.

Most of the additives relate to the increase in working capacity and recovery. Which is a necessary part of the process of increasing muscle mass. Studies of sports nutrition and steroids often overlook the fact that muscle growth  directly relate to training. If you just sit at home, then there will be no muscle growth, even if you take steroids.

For those who do not trust food supplements because of their high level of education. It note that much of the research that disproves the effectiveness of sports nutrition.