Pump Up Chest

It’s strange that neither girls, but also men want to pump chests . The principles of training are directly opposite, this applies to all muscle groups, but in this case especially. If women focus on the upper fasciculus and tensile exercises, then men increase the mass of the lower fasciculus of the pectoral muscles, but everything in order.

The pectoral muscles are a large muscle group, which is have three parts: the upper pectoral muscles, the lower chest and the middle of the chest. It is important to know to pump up the chest. The lower part of the pectoral muscles is the most developed genetically, therefore it steals the lion’s share of the load. This happens always and everywhere – a stronger muscle, all other things being equal, always takes on more pressure than weak muscles. Thus, the body saves energy, and it uses weaker muscles only when the strong muscle no longer cope with the load.

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