The most important bodybuilder hormone. Testosterone!

Only one single hormone in the male body determines the ability of the body to build muscle. The name of this hormone is testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that promotes muscle growth. This natural hormone in each man manifests itself individually. In order to maintain the desired concentration of the hormone in the body throughout the life, it is recommended to use several preventive measures aimed at maintaining the level of testosterone.

Meat for breakfast, roast for lunch, cutlets for dinner!

Vegetarianism is the enemy of testosterone. Rich in animal fats, food has a more beneficial effect on the hormonal balance of the male body than dishes with a minimum fat content. The building material for cells of animal origin is cholesterol – it is also the primary source in the structure of many human hormones, including testosterone. It is recommended to eat meat products at least 2-3 times a day. 

Eat healthy carbohydrates!

After weight training, the blood glucose level decreases, the process of insulin release slows down. Blood, saturated with insulin, inhibits cortisol – a hormone that destroys muscles. An elevated cortisol level not only destroys muscle tissue, but also lowers testosterone levels in the blood. In order to prevent an increase in the level of cortisol, it is recommended to consume useful carbohydrates in reasonable amounts after training – fruits, nuts, juices, honey, dried fruits.

Cocktail of whey protein and glutamine

Nutritionists have proven that the use of whey protein before physical exertion helps to keep testosterone in the blood. Only 20 g of whey protein contains about 7 g of branched amino acids. It is enough to take 5 g. Of glutamine in order to maintain the level of cortisol in the norm, and therefore, to maintain normal testosterone. At what glutamine can be used together with complex carbohydrates – it is recommended to mix oat flakes, potatoes or other cereals, add water and take this mixture 30-40 minutes before the start of training.

Grains that work wonders

What is this grain? The answer is very simple – beans! In their pure form, they are difficult to find now. Phosphatidylserine (Phosphatidylserine, abbreviated PS) is a food supplement derived mainly from soy. This product of sports nutrition inhibits the release of cortisol during weight training, stimulates the process of self-regulation of hormones and supports the “form” of proteins that control the functions of membranes. The daily recomendable norm of PS is 800 milligrams. If such a schedule for taking supplements for you is impaired, use PS only on training days in order to control the level of cortisol.

Vitamin C – the most vitamin vitamin

As we have already explained, an elevated level of cortisol compromises the level of testosterone in the body. Vitamin C, contained in citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit), in garnets, spinach and green onions, will play the role of shield against cortisol, reducing its level to the limits of normal. The recommended daily rate (in 2 meals) is about 1000 mg.

Aerobics – sure “no”!

Gymnastics and aerobics also reduce testosterone levels. In certain situations, aerobic exercise is really indispensable, in particular, when it comes to correct cardio-operations. But even if a moderate amount of time on the exercise bike for a long time, it can lead to muscle fatigue. As a result, a typical situation is obtained when the level of testosterone is inhibited by the explosion of cortisol.