When to make a press, at the beginning or at the end of a workout? Press training

When to train a press? At the beginning or end of training? The question is not so simple. The correct answer depends on the effectiveness and safety of your workout.

Some bodybuilders, rather amateurs, believe that the exercises for the press must be done at the very beginning of the training. This, they say, is the only way to give the press a real load. Well, the training of the press at the end of training is always a hack.

Is it possible to trust this opinion?

On a simple example, you can find out which is better – at the beginning or at the end: A group of bodybuilders with experience twice performed 3 sets of heavy squats (6 reps per set).

Press training

On the first tint, the experiment participants squatted after the traditional warm-up, well, and after a day of rest they performed squats after the press training.

Load on the press included 3 sets of leg lifts in the vise, 3 sets of twists and 3 sets of lateral twists. In each network, athletes performed 15 reps each.

Test results: At the second training, none of the group members could perform 6 repetitions in all 3 sets of sit-ups. On average, after loading the press, the athletes performed 1 replicate less in the first set. In the second and third set, the number of repetitions was 5 and 4, respectively.

In particular, the tired press has lowered the intensity of squats. Moreover, a decrease in the stabilizing potential of the press in the performance of heavy squats threatens a trauma to the waist.

Why abdominal exercises need to be performed at the end of the workout conclusions:

Exercises for the press should be done at the end of the workout. Trying to load a press before performing the main exercises of the complex can cost us too much. 

First, the intensity of the training will drop, and secondly, the risk of a lower back injury will increase. If fatigue does not allow you to fully pump the press in the final workout, load the press separately from the other muscles.

Build a split so that the press gets a separate training day.