Noble SkyTM is now officially airborne

Since September 2020, Microgaming’s Noble SkyTM slot has been taking mobile casino fantasy to new heights. It’s a decopunk-meets-steampunk airship journey that’s presently accessible to play at Spin Casino, among other places. Noble SkyTM is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game that can be played on any compatible smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, and operates equally smoothly on iOS, Android, or Windows software. It joins hundreds of other fascinating, mobile-friendly slots. What distinguishes this 25-payline offering from other online casino games is its unique design. One of its most appealing features is the fact that it comprises not one, but four separate jackpots – each of which, owing to Random Number Generator (RNG) software, has the potential to reward a win at any time or from any location if the appropriate trigger conditions are met. Listed below are some of the additional intriguing features that Spin Casino online slots players can look forward to when they open the game after logging into their account.

Information about the statistical nature

Noble SkyTM is a medium to low volatility slot that has a 96.12 percent payout percentage and a total hit frequency of 44.45 percent. It is categorized as a medium to low volatility slot. Is it possible that you are unsure of what all of this means? Briefly stated, mobile or online casino games are classed as having low, medium, or high levels of volatility in their natural state. While low volatility slots are more likely to pay out smaller sums more often, high volatility slots are more likely to pay out greater amounts less frequently. As you may have imagined, medium volatility slots are located somewhere in the center of the two categories of slot machines. In the end, the decision over which online casino games to play comes down to personal choice.

The highest possible win value

No other slot machine in the Noble SkyTM series has a maximum possible win value of up to 125 000 coins, which can only be attained by betting the maximum amount of 50.00 credits every spin. When you first start playing this slot, your default wager size is 1.00 credit at a default coin size of 0.10. To customize it before spinning the reels, you may do it at any time before the game begins. The smallest possible wager is 0.25 credits. The gaming environment at Spin Casino is one that promotes responsible gambling. As such, we always recommend that you keep your gaming light and within your predetermined entertainment budget.

Jackpot Trigger Symbol (also known as the Jackpot Trigger Symbol)

The Noble SkyTM slot machine has not one, but four separate jackpots, as previously stated. Players will need to collect a sufficient number of Jackpot Trigger symbols in order for the Vault Bonus to be triggered, which will increase their chances of winning one of these prizes. Players will be provided with a total of 12 choice icons after that. When the icons are clicked or pressed, various gemstones will be revealed, which are colored blue, purple, red, or yellow depending on the symbol. The jewels symbolize the jackpots for the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand prizes. If a player succeeds to match three different gemstone colors, the matching jackpot payout will be activated for them. When you play the Mini (blue), you get 75.00 credits, the Minor (purple), 200.00 credits, the Major (red), 2 500.00 credits, and the Grand (yellow), which is 25 000.00 credits.

Bonus Features that are not included in the base price

The Vault Bonus isn’t the only thing that Noble SkyTM has to offer in terms of rewards, however. Aside from that, players should keep an eye out for Airship Wild Respins, which may provide a Multiplier Trail of up to ten times the original bet, as well as Stack Wild and Airship Wild symbols, which can be used to construct winning combinations for the game’s high and low value symbols, respectively. The Jackpot Trigger is the only icon for which it cannot be substituted.

Spin Casino offers mobile slots that can be played on the go.

Among the several 5-reel slots available to players at Spin Casino, Noble SkyTM is one that can be played by both online and mobile players. This and all of our other online slots, which were developed by Microgaming, include high-quality visuals, a plethora of entertaining bonus rounds, a diverse choice of themes, and emotional soundtracks that enhance your gaming experience. What is the most enjoyable aspect of playing online casino games? There are plenty new releases to look forward to on a regular basis.

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